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Alice Wu, Founder of Broad Group, has been its president since 2006. She was formerly the President of New Era International Inc. Having a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai International Studies University and a master’s degree from McGill University, Alice Wu has accumulated over 30 years of experience in management and more than 20 years in the field of real-estate development. Her exemplary work ethic, strong leadership and unrivaled passion for the real estate industry, along with the strength of her team, have led Broad Group to its current success.


Alice Wu

Marie-Sara joined the team at Broad Group in the spring of 2019. As Vice President Operations, her primary objective is to successfully complete all of the group’s real estate developments. She is responsible for structuring the progress of different projects, coordinating the group’s various operations, and maximizing her team’s efficiency. She has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in corporate finance and has also developed a solid expertise in real estate financing throughout the years.

Vice President Operation

Marie-Sara Hamel

Danny Huang is one of the founders of Broad Group and has been the company’s vice president since 2006. He came to Montreal in 1986 to study for a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. In 1992, he worked in collaboration with Taiwan’s second biggest immigration company to found Maple Leaf Immigration Co. Ltd., and assumed the position of president. In 1996, he founded Canada New Era International Ltd., and had been the vice-president until 2006.


Mr. Danny Huang is also known for his active social engagement. He has been president of Montreal Jiuding Club since 2016. He is also founder and president of Montreal Chinese Golf Association and the founder and president of Shanxi Chamber of Commerce in Quebec.

Vice President

Danny Huang

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Graduated from Beijing Normal University with an Executive MBA, Louis has great experience serving in a Chinese state-owned machinery enterprise as senior engineer. Known for his professionalism and leadership, he has also been honored “Municipal model worker of Tianjin”. Louis possesses 20 years of experience in real-estate development in China and in Canada. Therefore, he has acquired a vast understanding of building codes, development strategies, structural systems and after-sales services in both Canadian and Chinese market, and thereby is always capable of coming up with optimal solutions to his clients.

Vice President

Louis Yin


Fan Fan was director of an established bank in China. He also has managing experience as CEO of a real-estate investment company in China. Fan possesses solid experience of more than 30 years in finance, as well as real-estate investment, development, management, sales and after-sales service.

Vice President

Fan Fan

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Davis Zhang, who holds a master’s degree in business administration, joined Broad Group in 2006. He demonstrates distinguished financial analysis and management skills as well as excellent organization and coordination abilities. In addition to his expertise in the fields of accounting, auditing, taxation and financial management, Davis Zhang also possesses a vast base of knowledge with regards to laws and regulations relating to the real estate domain.

Vice President Finance

Davis Zhang

Marc Perreault joined Broad Group in 2010 as its Urban Planner. He has accumulated more than 35 years of experience in real-estate project planning through his work with Daniel Arbour et Associés, IBI Group Inc., and Services intégrés Lemay et associés. 

Marc Perreault’s impressive professional record speaks clearly of his vast experience and sound reputation as an urban planner.


Urban Planner

Marc Perreault

Me Michel Rivard has acquired a wide range of experience in real-estate development and municipal law since he became a notary in 1989. In 2006, Me Michel Rivard started his work as legal advisor and notary for Broad Group.

Me Rivard has been operating in the fields of real-estate and corporate law for over 30 years. Recently, Me Rivard has been working primarily as a consultant for new real-estate developments, with a clientele composed mainly of developers, builders and municipalities.


Legal Advisor, Notary

Me Michel Rivard, Notary

Graduated from Concordia University with a Graduate Diploma in Accountancy in 2003, Peng has acquired 17 years of experience in Canadian accounting, audit and taxation. Before joining Broad Group in 2018, she was Vice President of Tax at Richter LLP and Co-managing Partner of WJDS-Times CPA. As Tax and accounting advisor for the Group, Peng is responsible for advising on corporate tax planning, partnership structures and all taxing and accounting related affaires. Peng is recognized for the depth of her expertise and her adeptness when it comes to the technical side of her job, both of which enable her to offer optimal solutions to the Group. 

Tax and accounting advisor

Peng Du, CPA, CA

Graduated from Jiangxi University of Science and Technology with B.Sc. in Project Cost Management as well as in Industrial and Civil Architecture, Lily joined Broad Group in 2018. Before starting her job in Broad Group, Lily has had experience working in project cost management, in market development, where she was responsible for real-estate market research and customer relationship. Currently, Lily assumes the position of sales manager in Broad Group, in charge of sales, customer relationship and constant follow-up of the projects.

Sales Manager

Lily Zhou

Studying in Finance at the University of Toronto and Concordia University, Lawrence Huang worked in the financial field for two years before joining Broad Group. Lawrence Huang worked as a Bank Financial Account Manager before joining Broad Group as Project Manager in 2017. Presently, Lawrence is overseeing every project and manages operations within the company. Speaking three languages fluently, English, French, and Mandarin, Lawrence is able to communicate and interact with a considerable number of people with ease. Known for his listening skills and creativity, Lawrence is able to understand a problem and provide valuable ideas and solutions. Always calm and collected, he is motivated by new challenges and always willing to learn and improve himself in every way possible.

Project Manager

Lawrence Huang

Graduated from Laval University with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, this young man perfectly fluent in three languages has put full of his passion and energy to Broad Group since 2016. As project manager, Yichen assumes the responsibility of promoting and monitoring different projects in order to complete all the projects within the applicable timeline, scope and budget. 
He is the intermediary between various public and private stakeholders. Yichen also manages relationships with investors and partners in support of the group's president. 

Project Manager

Yichen Yue

Graduated from McGill University in accounting, Binyue has been working in the financial department of the Group since 2015.  He has under him 20 years of experience in the field of accounting and taxation. With his solid foundation of accounting knowledge and well-developed expertise in the field, he is responsible for a big part of the accounting affairs of all subsidiaries to Broad Group. Furthermore, he is also involved in the business and individual tax filing and planning for the group.


Bingyue Lu

Graduated from York University with a H.Bsc in Mathmatics and Statistics, Rainy has been working as the executive secretary in Broad Group since 2014. She provides constant reliable administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions. She also takes part in maintaining a favorable relationship between clients and the company, as well as the coordination among different departments.

Executive Secretary

Rainy Chen

Graduated from the University of Windsor with a H.Bsc in Liberal Arts and Social Science, Johnny has served as office director in Broad Group for two years. He is in charge of the office supply and logistics services in various activities of the company. Known for his sense of responsibility, passion and energy, Johnny is always ready to help in every need of his team.

Office Director

Johnny Zhang

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